As team of User Experience designers STUDIO GNOT provides the following User-Centred Design services carried out in chronological order during the life cycle of the project, but each can play a specific and autonomous role

Strategy, Concept

Analysis and Strategy

  • User research (mental model, ethnographic research, scenario and users' profile)
  • Users' needs, goals and tasks
  • Site's goals and mission
  • Usability testing in case of redesign

Requirements specification and Concept

  • Functionalities of Web applications
  • Content requirements of Web sites
  • Conceptual model (the big picture)

Product Design

Interaction Design for Web applications

  • Workflows
  • User interface interactions and types of page
  • Medium-fidelity prototype (wireframe on paper)
  • Usability testing

Information Architecture for Web sites

  • Site structure: site index and map
  • Content organization (editorial or database driven)
  • Types of page and editorial skeletons
  • Navigation patterns: browse and search
  • Medium-fidelity prototype (wireframe on paper)
  • Usability testing

User Interface (UI) Design

  • Information Design
  • Visual design: brand image and graphic design of the UI
  • Templates in HTML/CSS: modular layout system (grid systems and components)
  • High-fidelity prototype (HTML prototypes)

Implementation and maintenance


  • Manual production of the HTML pages
  • Software for the automatic generation of pages (database driven sites)
  • Usability testing (after the implementation and before launch)


  • Users' handbook (on-line, off-line) and technical documentation
  • Training for the content updating

Online Marketing

  • Customer acquisition and customer relationships solutions, based on deep data analysis of internet traffic and user's profilation
  • Promotion and enhancement of goods and services through search engines optimization and marketing
  • Design of innovative e-mail, affiliation, social media and mobile marketing campaings
  • Global revenue & market reach through improved digital products and integrated digital services